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C + L

"Sabrina made my life and wedding day completely stress free. She was absolutely amazing to work with and 100% professional. I would highly recommend her for your special day. I hired her a MONTH before my wedding day and she took the chaos and made it fall all so perfectly in line. We loved her!!!"


B + D

"I can’t imagine planning my wedding without Sabbie Chic Events!!! Sabrina walked with us every step of the way through our wedding planning process! She showed up to every consultation incredibly prepared to make our (sometimes crazy) dreams a reality, and she consistently checked in on us to make sure we were feeling prepared throughout our engagement. She also thought of every detail that I had never even considered for our big day, and helped us execute a plan. Sabrina was literally our biggest cheerleader throughout our entire process, and we can’t thank her enough for that. Although our wedding plans changed 5 or 6 times due to the Coronavirus, she remained consistent in her care and attention to detail. Literally nothing phased her, which encouraged me so much during a lot of unknowns. Thankful is an understatement!!"


J + N

"Y'all...I don't know what I would have done without Sabbie Chic Events! Before her, my wedding timeline was looking like a jumbled mess no joke! But once she came along, she put together such a perfect order and all the stress I was feeling was immediately gone. She truly put her all into this and ran everything by me to make sure I was happy which I truly appreciated. Thank you Sabbie Chic Events for your help!!"


L + T

"Entrusting Sabrina to coordinate our destination wedding reception proved to be the absolute best decision we would make. Through video chats and inspiration pictures, she turned our vision into reality and captured the exact feel that we were going for. She gave such attention to even the smallest of details and went above and beyond in making our event pure perfection! Everything was absolutely beautiful. She set up a timeline, coordinated with vendors, and made sure everything was just as it needed to be, when it needed to be. She consistently exhibited great communication, talent, and professionalism. Words can’t express our gratitude and appreciation. Sabrina was such an instrumental part of our big day and we would choose her a million times over."

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