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Hi, I'm Sabrina and your local perfectionist who LOVES love and weddings! Warmly, I invite you into the wedding world via my small business called Sabbie Chic Events and enjoy all the beautiful moments I get the pleasure of seeing on a weekly basis!

Sabbie Chic Events is a full service wedding and event planning company based in Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas that designs intentional, beautiful and happy gatherings – everything you dream of enjoying at your own wedding or your best friend's special day you get blessed by attending.


I'm Sabrina Chamberlain and I while I absolutely LOVE planning, designing, and coordinating weddings, I'm also am blessed to call myself a Christ-follower, wife to my best friend, sister to some incredible siblings, daughter and daughter in law, and friend to a few amazing souls. My husband and I have two fur babies: Story (dog) & Maggie (cat), and we live in the Northwest Arkansas area who thoroughly enjoy living in the Midwest! My husband is a mechanical engineer: the math and science to my arts and communication. We recently got married at Sparrow Lane Event Center and you can check out all the deets in another blog post about the BIG DAY coming soon! It was a cool experience being on the "bride side" of things and I have so much more insight about my clients and future friends who are in the engagement/planning process!! So excited to share more!


Check out my blog post on all our wedding details from Nov. 2022!!


Sabbie Chic Events was founded when I was a broke, full time college student who dreamt of a business that would serve people well and celebrate marriage at it's fullest. People said it "would take too much work and it's too much of an investment" and "you'll never make it" - making it so so much easier to chase this goal and make it happen! Along with my college professors, parents, best friends, and an amazing first sets of engaged couples, I began collecting experience, beautiful photos, and wonderful clients. During a tough season of struggle, I worked a full time office job while pursuing weddings and events, and emerged a stronger business owner and woman. SCE is a space that lets us celebrate, laugh and eat together and it's more than I ever dreamed it would be.

4 years later and stronger than ever, I am proud to say that 2023 is going to be a year full of AMAZING weddings at STUNNING venues and MORE TRAVEL than ever! We're so so excited!!

Being a detail-oriented person that I am, I have a knack for making sure all the minute, special details fall into space and are given the attention they deserve. I love to make all my events memorable for everyone. The little things are what I adore the most such as: your ring set combo, the color of ribbon on your bouquet, the napkin fold you choose for your table setting, and the earrings you choose to pair with your dress. I want to see your vision and hear your dreams and then create something beautiful for you and your honey! The details matter but so do the quiet, intimate moments!


Why is a wedding planner so important?


  • You have a personal assistant who is Type A, perfectionistic, super organized, and experienced wedding professional who is yours to utilize for wisdom, Q & A time, and ranting moments!

  • You have a budget tracker who helps keep you on budget!

  • You will have a unbiased friend throughout the process to make sure you enjoy the incredible moments instead of being wrapped up in the potential drama of emotions & stress wedding planning can bring out in some of our favorite people on this planet.

When should we book wedding planners/coordinators?


  • Full service wedding planning is a perfect fit for a bride who wants a PA the entire process! We'll be there from engagement celebration to wedding send off and the longer the design/planning period, the more time we have to marinate on decisions, pay vendors, and discuss all the details!

  • Wedding coordination is a perfect fit for a hands on bride who wants someone to organize and run what you've booked/planned and can be booked as far out as 1.5 years or as close as 8 months from the wedding date!

Wedding planning should strengthen your relationship, not stress you out to the max or make you worry too much!


While I love celebrating you and your partner throughout the wedding process and on the wedding day, I believe marriage is what drives me to curate a memorable experience. Your relationship is something beautiful and long-lasting and the event dedicated to celebrating it should reflect the personality, vibes, and core values as well as bringing JOY and LOVE to you both.

I'm here for the floral designs, processional order decisions, drink menu options, wedding party gift bags, and long conversations about intricate details, BUT I'm mainly here to show up no matter what on days when you feel overwhelmed and make this wedding planning process not only memorable, but something you and your sweetheart bond over. I'm also here to cheer you on in the background of your wedding day with tears in my eyes because of how happy I am for the two of you. Saying goodbye after the planning process is sometimes so so hard...but I know you are onto better and more golden things in life and I'll be one of your biggest supporters in that too!

I am a wedding planner because I love celebrating people, marriage, and love. And I'm truly blessed to be in this industry and can't wait to see what the future holds for Sabbie Chic Events!

Much love and ciao - Sabrina (:

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