Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Last month, we celebrated fathers, so this one goes out to all the father figures in our lives - still with us and resting! We love you all and are so so thankful.

Handing off the bride:

Handing the bride off to her future husband is such a sweet, intimate moment for fathers and I always want to sure it's ALSO a smooth moment! No awkward hugs or missed hand shakes or delayed responses. Just a moment to focus on what's happening and be present there.


During the rehearsal or sometime before the wedding, talk through and practice what the transition of handing off the bride to the groom is going t look like! Is there going to be a kiss on the forehead for the bride? Hand shake to the groom or a hug? Maybe place her hand in his? Maybe just a pat on the shoulder?? PRACTICE is so you can enjoy the moment without worry!


  • VENUE: Bella Vista Estate

  • COORDINATOR: Sabbie Chic Events

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Nick Mehn Photography

  • DECOR: Branson Party Rentals

  • FLORAL: Branson Party Rentals

  • BEAUTY: KKD Beauty Café

  • DRESS: Wendy's Bridal - Cincinnati

  • DJ + MC: Spark Wedding Co.

  • Yummies: Sugar Leaf Bakery

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