Full Wedding Package

Need a wedding planner ready for the whole process of your lovely wedding?!  Then, this package is perfect for you! 


We'll be there for every appointment, decision, and step until the day of your wedding; being in charge and a constant source of peace along the way. 


This package includes the complete planning process - booking your wedding team, creating a smooth timeline, designing your dream style and coordinating the day-of events.


Day of Coordinator

This package is for the bride that already has her bridal team and plan ready to go but needs someone to tie it all together right before the big day. 

Booking SCE as your day of coordinator fabulously incudes meeting for 3 consultations, creating a detailed timeline, layout, and coordination service specified for your wedding only, and a magical go-to person for the whole day! 

You can book up to 12 hours of our day of coordination service.


Half & Half Package

This deal is unique in that it is a wedding planner and a coordinator all wrapped into one cute, little package. 

The catch? Your coordinator will get you sent off down the aisle, check in with all your vendors and then head out for you to enjoy your party with your people! 


This package comes with all the perks of a day-of coordinator and it's cheaper for you because it's a combo of a planner and a coordinator.

Periwinkle Party Package

This is a full planning package.

Up to 100 guests.

Unlimited email and phone calls

and up to 7 meetings.

The Periwinkle Party Package incudes setup, day of coordination, and breakdown service.



Party Package

This is a partial planning package.


Up to 100 guests.

Unlimited email and phone call

and 3 - 5 meetings. 

The Thistle Party Package includes setup for the party and day of coordination, but no breakdown.


Sunflower Party Package

This package is for the DIYer who needs some brainstorming sessions to get the creative juices flowing.

2 meetings and

2 - 3 phone calls / Skype calls

The Sunflower Party Package is a flexible option for whatever help you may need! 


Graduation Package



This package is designed for those organizing and putting on a graduation ceremony or celebration!


Booking can be set up 6 months prior to the graduation date and this service includes step-by-step planning and day-of coordination to make sure everything runs smoothly.


Baby Shower Package

There's a baby coming!

Hosting and throwing a baby shower is a lovely experience but sometimes it isn't your cup of tea and it's a little overwhelming.

The Baby Shower Package gives you a planner and a friend while getting ready to celebrate this nugget of joy that's about to enter the world!

Corporate Event Package

Let's talk business!


Conferences / Conventions

Business meetings

Corporate trips / Getaways

The Corporate Event Package is designed to promote and strengthen your brand and company through whatever event you may be planning.